Monday, February 27, 2017

Getting it right. Right?

Was that Steve Harvey hosting the Oscars or Jimmy Kimmel? Someone played a bad trick on Bonnie (Faye Dunaway) and Clyde (Warren Beatty). Beyond embarrassing, but no less than when refs blow calls. Maybe Hollywood needs instant replay review.

At least Hollywood made up for its own hypocrisy when it awarded Oscars to minority actors  (best supporting), best pic (Moonlight) and best doc (O.J. ...). A year after all the noise about how white Hollywood is, Hollywood went dark and recognized the true minority talent and product that helps make it great. 'Bout time.

I can't stand watching the awards shows though. Same performers, same songs, same performances, same presenters, same venues, same designer dresses on the hot ladies (some too hot - the dresses, not the ladies) and some just so over the top.

Haven't gone to the movies in years. Why pay $12 to get in. It'll be available on demand soon enough. And the popcorn and soda cost more than the tickets. I so much more enjoy going to a good sports bar, getting affordable food and overpriced drinks and talking to someone who thinks he knows more than I do while watching our favorite team get its ass kicked.

I'd rather spend an evening listening to Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow actually tell me something I don't know.

Or a good college basketball game (pros suck until the playoffs, when they start playing even a semblance of defense).

Or listening to some sports expert tell me who's trading for Jimmy Garoppolo. Except they're not.

How in hell did I go from Oscar errors to Steve Harvey to this. I don't know either, but it was fun. Till next time...

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