Monday, February 27, 2017

Getting it right. Right?

Was that Steve Harvey hosting the Oscars or Jimmy Kimmel? Someone played a bad trick on Bonnie (Faye Dunaway) and Clyde (Warren Beatty). Beyond embarrassing, but no less than when refs blow calls. Maybe Hollywood needs instant replay review.

At least Hollywood made up for its own hypocrisy when it awarded Oscars to minority actors  (best supporting), best pic (Moonlight) and best doc (O.J. ...). A year after all the noise about how white Hollywood is, Hollywood went dark and recognized the true minority talent and product that helps make it great. 'Bout time.

I can't stand watching the awards shows though. Same performers, same songs, same performances, same presenters, same venues, same designer dresses on the hot ladies (some too hot - the dresses, not the ladies) and some just so over the top.

Haven't gone to the movies in years. Why pay $12 to get in. It'll be available on demand soon enough. And the popcorn and soda cost more than the tickets. I so much more enjoy going to a good sports bar, getting affordable food and overpriced drinks and talking to someone who thinks he knows more than I do while watching our favorite team get its ass kicked.

I'd rather spend an evening listening to Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow actually tell me something I don't know.

Or a good college basketball game (pros suck until the playoffs, when they start playing even a semblance of defense).

Or listening to some sports expert tell me who's trading for Jimmy Garoppolo. Except they're not.

How in hell did I go from Oscar errors to Steve Harvey to this. I don't know either, but it was fun. Till next time...

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Donnie, babee

He criticizes the previous president for playing golf so often, and then goes and plays golf.

He is critical of judges who have made rulings he doesn't like, before they even make their rulings.

He is critical of Germany. Of Mexico. Of Nordstrom. Of Meryl Streep. Of SNL. Of Alex Baldwin.

He is critical of NATO.  He is critical of nations from where no terrorists have ever killed an American. But does nothing to ban citizens from nations who have expressly targeted and killed Americans. Among others.

He has nominated a judge who is critical of him, after the fact. We'll see how that plays out. He is critical of American heroes of war.

He has already refilled the swamp he said he would drain.

Hey, Donnie, start being president. Start acting like one. Of a nation, not a corporation. Especially that corporation you claim to have separated yourself from.

You have violated every ethics and emoluments clause on the books. Grow up. This is not a reality show. It's reality.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Love Is In The Air... it's not.

Trump's a hater. Trump hates everyone who disagrees with him.

Haters everywhere.

Patriot haters, and we don't mean American spiritualists coast to coast.

Hello, Kyle Shanahan, speaking of haters, or hated. After Julio Jones' amazing catch, you should've:

  • Run up the middle
  • Run up the middle
  • Run up the middle
  • Kick field goal;
  • Win game.
What did you do? Ran outside, lost yardage. Passed, sack. Passed again, holding penalty. Punted. Field goal would've put the game away.

Now, as a reward you get to be head coach of the 49ers. Congratulations.

Dan Quinn, you are the head coach. Why didn't you overrule on the calls that would've produced the field goal that would've won the game? What are you thinking? How many times do you have to go up against Belichick to figure out how to beat him? Did you call Tom Coughlin for advice? You should've.

Trump and Mark Wahlberg stopped watching the game, They so thought it was over. Wahlberg is Mr. Boston,

Lady Gaga was great. None of the ads were great. Just good. Not great. Whatever happened to all the great creative we'd see during the Super Bowl?

Long gone.

Bob Kraft got his revenge. Tom Brady got his revenge. Gisele Bundchen didn't have to complain about Tom throwing the passes and having to catch them too, despite all the drops.

And the pick. Although when Robert Alford got arrogant at the end of his return for a pick TD, I kinda' thought it would come back to haunt him. Unsportsmanlike and stupid, the kind of thing that opponents never forget. Like Bautista's bat flip or Dwayne Wade's arrogant made-shot celebration in front of the Dallas bench in the NBA Finals in a game the Heat would eventually lose and cost LeBron his title.

Roger Goodell has been lowered to Gary Bettman status. Congratulations. Thank Kyle Shanahan. No, you already did - got him the 49ers job.

Congratulations, Patriots. You wouldn't have beaten the Giants though. Still haven't. In the Super Bowl, that is.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hatred All Around

The Schloss-Blog is back and will be rolling more regularly now, especially as I approach retirement this year and have a little more time on my hands.

This was not how I wanted to come back with this blog though.

Hatred all around. A colleague told me she left my workplace because she said could feel the hatred within.

Donald Trump hates with every tweet, with very speech, with every phone call, with every exchange with the media, with every proclamation and executive order.

His surrogates hate in terms inexplicable. "Alternative facts" and "The Bowling Green (Kentucky) Massacre" have become part of the lexicon in the United States. His despicable comments (ratings for Schwarznegger)  have come at inappropriate venues (National Prayer Breakfast).

As much as $15 billion to $20 billion is proposed to be spent on a border-length wall that will not stop illegal immigration in either direction. Planes will go over it. Tunnels will go under it. Those with well-forged imposter identifications will pass through its checkpoints anyway. Plus, the Internet goes around it in any and every which way. And building it on mountainous terrain will be next to impossible.

So far, we've managed to tick off Australia, Mexico, NATO, Germany, China and pretty soon countries we weren't trying to tick off - Russia and Britain.

Trump has ticked off every race, ethnicity and minority faction. And women. Especially women. And he's working on the LGBTQ community.

Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Can't go on Facebook or any social media without seeing hatred spewing, insults flying and rejection of Trump's ideology growing. Marchers line the streets of major cities around the country and around the world, protesting Trump's policy declarations. Ban Muslims? Just not from countries where he has hotels, resorts and/or real estate, which also are the countries where the most terrorists come from who have killed Americans. That number is zero on all of those counts for the countries on which he declared the ban.

Looking forward to the court battle over his executive order. This ain't Trump, Inc., dude. It's the U.S. government and the founding fathers built in checks and balances for a reason.

And you're it.