Friday, December 23, 2016

Rubio was right

Marco Rubio, "Little Marco," was right. Donald Trump is a con man. We elected a con man.

He did just settle his Trump U lawsuit for $25 million. Said he didn't have time to defend it and win. He's also said he never settles lawsuits. Strike one.

Now, he's dispatching surrogates to explain every misnomer he recites. His Press Secretary-to-be, Sean Spicer, and advisor to be, Kellyann Conway, especially, have had to hit the media trail every time Trump tweets from the hip.

Like his just posted nuclear declarations. Spicer and Conway are out there explaining, 'no,' he didn't mean he was going to blow up the world or get in an arms race. Yet, those were his exact words.

He has already castigated his own intelligence community with his dismissals of their findings on Russian influence on the election. Strike two.

Hello President Con Man. Congratulations U.S.A. You who voted for him got what you voted for.

Nuclear proliferation? Strike three?

Monday, December 12, 2016

Cowboys can be beat - just gotta' stay ahead of 'em

Dez does not do Dallas. Giants actually hung on. Eli played terribly and the Giants can't run the ball. But their defense is good and they showed the league how to beat Dallas - get pressure on Prescott. Under pressure, he is inaccurate.  Cowboys are No. 1 against the run because they're usually ahead so everyone has to throw against them. Not last night, although I question Giants' playcalling. With 2:07 left and Dallas out of timeouts, shoulda' gone play-action pass with 2-minute warning coming up anyway. Probably woulda' had a wide-open receiver with Dallas stacked up to stop the run.