Sunday, August 14, 2011

Open Letter to Washington, D.C.


Hi Senators and Congressmen:

You suck. No, really, you suck. All of you. You truly suck the big one.

The rest of the media, and perhaps the blogosphere as well, has taken it easy on you, either praising your compromise on the debt or spinning it for what it is: a simple slowing down of the debt accumulation. Has anyone really taken you to task though, held you accountable, except for a select few?

You play fast and loose with other people's money. You give no thought to repaying it. You've already insured the growth of the debt. Eventually it will eat into the things we need the most, healthcare and retirement income. But you don't care.

Your retirements are already funded by our tax dollars, which you spent in part bailing out Chrysler, GM, God knows how many banks and investment houses and a major insurer you deemed too big to fail.

I guess that makes the rest of us too small to succeed. Are you going to bail out small businesses? Individual homeowners? The homeless? The uninsured?

If my neighbor fails on his mortgage, loses his job, loses his income, loses everything, are you going to bail him out? No, wait...

Have any of you gotten out of your limos and walked the streets with the rest of us, observed how we work so hard for so little? We do. You don't know what it feels like to schlep back and forth to work, pay the bills, make ends meet, save up for our kids' college funds and have something left over to go to the movies, maybe a ballgame, maybe rent a video and order in a pizza.

We don't have the discretionary income for it, for the most part. Most households have $120 of discretionary income a month. Meanwhile, it would take more than $120,000 per American to erase the national debt. That's about how much you guys have to raise in campaign funds every few months by kissing corporate and special-interest asses.

You'd be fired in American business. You should be fired now. As in firing squad. You wouldn't manage your own businesses or households like you manage the national budget. Your bosses would can you, your spouses would disown you.

Get the debt eliminated, not slowed. Call a debt-consolidation service. Call Peter Francis Geraci, the bankruptcy attorney, or listen to him at It would be more than what you guys have done now.

Clinton erased the Bush/Reagan deficits. You can do it now too, if you ever stop holding the national debt and the economy hostage, which you do to have each other to blame for it come election time.

Assholes. You really suck. No, really. All of you.