Thursday, February 9, 2017

Donnie, babee

He criticizes the previous president for playing golf so often, and then goes and plays golf.

He is critical of judges who have made rulings he doesn't like, before they even make their rulings.

He is critical of Germany. Of Mexico. Of Nordstrom. Of Meryl Streep. Of SNL. Of Alex Baldwin.

He is critical of NATO.  He is critical of nations from where no terrorists have ever killed an American. But does nothing to ban citizens from nations who have expressly targeted and killed Americans. Among others.

He has nominated a judge who is critical of him, after the fact. We'll see how that plays out. He is critical of American heroes of war.

He has already refilled the swamp he said he would drain.

Hey, Donnie, start being president. Start acting like one. Of a nation, not a corporation. Especially that corporation you claim to have separated yourself from.

You have violated every ethics and emoluments clause on the books. Grow up. This is not a reality show. It's reality.

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