Saturday, June 8, 2019

Run, Run, Run .. But for the Right Position

Twenty-three Democratic presidential candidates and good on 'em. So many females, so many minorities. This is good for America.

But they're not all going to win, so here's a novel thought.

In 2018 you took back the House. Now in 2020, take back the Senate. Hey presidential candidate John Hickenlooper in Colorado, you can beat Republican Cory Gardner for that Senate seat. Hey presidential candidate Steve Bullock in Montana, a Red State, you can beat Steve Daines. Hey Beto O'Rourke in Texas, you damn near beat Ted Cruz - which means you could beat John Cornyn. And if you won't, hey, Julian Castro of Texas, you can.

Stacy Abrams, I know you are not formally running for president and what a great running mate you'd make for whoever gets the nomination after having the Georgia governorship stolen from you, but don't you think you could beat David Perdue for his Senate seat?

And Michael Bennett in Colorado, hold onto your Senate seat.

If most of that let alone all of that comes to pass, you take back the Senate, no matter who wins the presidential election. If Trump gets re-elected, and he could, all of you are laying tracks now for a run for the seat in 2024 against Paul ("I'm baaaack") Ryan of Wisconsin, who would love to be back in office, any office, with Trump out of the way to constrict him.

Now that's just my take. But, hey, Democrats, take it back and start running the country sensibly again with the pride you have long earned with the American people and around the world.

Speaking of running, saw Kyle Schwarber of the Cubs steal a base the other day. Yikes. And Todd Gurley might not be running as much for the Rams if his injury is as bad as we're being lead to believe. Pay attention to that, fantasy footballers.

Still trying to figure out why the NY Giants think Golden Tate is a better option at wide receiver than Odell Beckham Jr. and why Daniel Jones is a better prospect to groom at quarterback behind Eli than Dwayne Haskins. but they do, although I don't believe OBJ will be missed in the locker room.

Meanwhile, how are the Toronto Raptors doing this? Yeah, I know there's no Kevin Durant while Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney are playing through injuries, But the Raptors have been the better team, period. And Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry have been playing through injuries of their own (let alone insults, in Lowry's case).

Major League Baseball is on pace to set a single-season record for home runs this year, by a long shot. Do you get the feeling that MLB chemical guys are working overtime in MLB clubhouses "collecting samples?"

Tune in today, by the way. I fill in for dear friend Sharon Lynn Kelley at 6 p.m. Central on Radio Free Phoenix and then do my own gig, as usual, at 11 p.m. Central. And of course, you never know who gets a shout-out on my shows. Maybe you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Pitching and Moaning

Spending as much time as I have watching football the past week or so, you notice a lot of things about which to pitch and moan, something that almost got me suspended once at Columbia College Chicago by someone about whom I easily could pitch (not the real word I wanna' use) and moan forever.

More about Columbia later...

For now though, I have witnessed so many mistakes made by college football players that they don't deserve their paychecks anymore. The better the team, the more the mistakes, although mistakes by Ohio State and Alabama usually get erased by refs hesitant to throw flags on the players of Urban Meyer and/or Nick Saban. (Scoop City: you heard it here first: Urban Meyer will coach again.)

Defensive backs for so many teams, in the pros too, never look back for the ball on pass plays. Never. They depend on the receiver tipping that a pass is en route and when he does, then they stick a hand in, hoping to time it precisely to the arrival of the ball and avoid a pass interference penalty.

Ninety-nine out of 100 times, it doesn't work. If you're a DB and you don't turn and look for the ball, you're gonna' get flagged for pass interference.

I have said this 100 times: who is coaching DBs to play this way? If you're man-to-man on defense, you must - repeat MUST - know where your man is and where the ball is at all times,

It is just that simple. You see it in the pros all the time too. Who is coaching DBs to play like this? Whoever you are, you couldn't work on my staff.

Speaking of staffs, how about that White House staff! What's left of it, that is. There are interim and acting department heads and even chiefs of staff all over the place. Sorta' like the thinking patterns of the man who keeps dismissing and then replacing them with "temps." Me, I just have a gut feeling on that.

Well, if nothing else, Donald Trump is proving he knows more than the generals, just like he said during the presidential campaign. Hey, he fired 'em all so he must know more than they do because he gets briefings now that they don't - of course, he doesn't read them.

So he's spending time back in the White House (instead of his beloved Mar-a-Lago, where Melania jetted off to), pondering through his executive time, as he calls it. What does he do during that time? Probably the same thing that the person who wanted to suspend me at CCC does; execute first, think about why later. The old Ready/Fire/Aim technique.

So, welcome home troops from Syria.

And hey, Chris Callahan, what up?

Friday, December 28, 2018

The Bitch Is Back

It's 2019, and the Schloss-(Bitch) Blog is back...

Or as Elton John would put it...

I'm a bitch, I'm a bitch oh, the bitch is back, stone cold sober as a matter of fact
I can bitch, I can bitch 'cause I'm better than you, It's the way that I move, the things that I do, oh-oh-oh
I entertain by picking brains, sell my soul, by dropping names
I don't like those! My God, what's that! Oh, it's full of nasty habits when the bitch gets back.
Oh, how I've missed you all, but Happy New Year to everyone and here's a poem to make it so:
Twas the night before the shutdown, and in the White House below
Not a person was stirring, they'd all been furloughed
    And on Capitol Hill, all things were still
After all, where were they gonna' come up with that 5 bil?..
    Meanwhile, out beyond The Beltway
Those laid off had naught to do but try and play
    And at the border, mothers gasped
Having received the news, their children passed
    But for the rest of us, life goes on
But for me, 2019 brings a new song
    Of Radio Freedom and just rolling along
So go out there and don't get too down
    Don't let the stock market make you frown
As your 401K fritters away
    Below in the White House, everything's on layaway.
What a year it has been indeed.
Saw the Eagles, and Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band.
Great show - how does he get those stars from groups of yore to come out and play with him? He had the keyboardist from Journey and Santana, who is in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame with both. Also had the lead singers/guitars from Toto, 10cc and Men at Work and did so many of each group's hit songs, plus his own solo and Beatles' hits.
One more great show to go and I can die happy - seeing the Stones when they come to Chicago. Just wish I'd have been able to see Tom Petty before he was "Taken Back."
The Dead are still touring, and here's the thing - saw 'em at Soldier Field 25 years ago. Jerry Garcia and the gang. Sting opened for them. Bob Weir looked like he had just stepped off a golf course that night, wearing a neat, pressed golf shirt and pleated shorts, his hair business clean cut. His riffs filthy though.
Now, the Dead are back and Weir looks like his barber died or else he's auditioning to be an extra in the next Tarzan remake. Still plays a mean guitar and now John Mayer is touring with them. Everyone wants to tour with them. They've already had Trey Anastasio and Bruce Hornsby.
Many of these guys are in their 70s and stlll banging it out. Gotta' love it.
I'll be seeing you weekly from now on again, at the very least. Maybe some New Year's resolutions next time. I know mine - same one I make every year and never keep it - return Cheryl Tiegs' phone calls.
One of these years ... have a great 2019, and beyond.

Friday, December 14, 2018

What a Year It's Been

So, how was 2018 for you?

Your taxes were cut, right? Well, not really. Corporations and the super-rich had their taxes cut. Big time.

People died in shootings all over America, more than in the last 40 years. The report about it is issued on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting. But Congress and the president still won't act on comprehensive gun-control legislation.

It didn't matter if you were a championship coach (Joel Queennville) or a loser (Fred Hoiberg) in Chicago. You got fired.

Colin Kaepernick, meanwhile, a Super Bowl quarterback, is still not employed by an NFL team. How is that possible when you look around the league at some of the backups, let alone starters, who are still employed? At least Nike thought enough to make Kaepernick a symbol for standing up for that in which you believe.

In Arizona, pro teams are squawking at the state and/or the city of Phoenix to upgrade existing facilities that are virtually brand new or build them ones. Try winning a championship first, OK? Your tax dollars at work.

Not far from there, the U.S. Army, not the National Guard, is standing by to prevent women and children from crossing the border into the United States.

Wow, do I feel safe.

For me, it was a year of reunions - with my class of '68 fellows at Brooklyn Tech, the country's largest high school (that now has girls - thanks a lot). And with my GDX brothers from UAlbany (I remember when it was Albany State - doesn't that sound so much more powerfully athletic?).

Brooklyn has changed so much - so much construction, so much gentrification, but nothing can top a dinner at Peter Luger's. Best steak, best meal. Period.

Some doors closed but many others opened in book publishing and radio broadcasting. I am still in awe. If you'd asked me a year ago if I'd be a radio deejay and a book editor right now, I'd have told you that were you crazy.

But I am. Both.

While investigations close in on the White House and its principal resident, that national debt continues to soar, with politicians showing little to no concern over that. Spend away, let our children and grandchildren pay for it later. When we're a third-world country.

Smile, though. As I write this, the NY Giants could still make the playoffs this year at 8-8 if they win out.

Or ... not.

May your 2019 be better. Save your pennies. The national debt is still growing.

I love you Jocelyn, Jordan, Erin. Let's make this wedding thing work.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Is it Just Me Or Does NFL Officiating Suck?

If you're like me, you watched some pretty horrible officiating this past weekend, both in NFL and college football.

Too many head-to-head and helmet-to-helmet hits that didn't get called, right in front of referees. Too many pass interference penalties that didn't get flagged and too many plays that weren't pass interference, or were marginal at best, that did.

Even worse, every game I watched this past weekend - every game - the officiating was so bad that the referees almost immediately send every call to the review booth for mediation rather than stick with their original conviction on the call, knowing that replay could possibly embarrass them by showing them to be wrong. It extends the game, delays the game to the point of being nearly unwatchable.

How do we fix this? Referees can't get calls right as it is. Was it a catch? Or wasn't it? Was it a fumble? Or wasn't it? Was it a touchdown? Or wasn't it? Was it a first down? Or wasn't it?

And here's one of the most egregious of all - the San Diego-Pittsburgh game Sunday night turned completely when referees refused to call a blatant false-start penalty on San Diego's right tackle. The game was not the same thereafter.

Officiating sucks, at the college and pro levels. So, NCAA and NFL, what are you doing about it, besides letting refs review obvious calls, so obvious that anyone in the stadium or watching on TV saw it all plainly with their own two eyes when it all happened in real time?

One last thought - the Bears deserved to lose to the Giants. Chase Daniel couldn't catch a cold, let alone a snap from center. The Bears defense, as feared, never met a back like Saquon Barkley, whom they couldn't tackle. And Eli Manning had a revelatory bounce back.

What's next? Green Bay firing Mike McCarthy? No, wait... Anyone think Aaron Rodgers pitched in on that decision?

Just asking...

Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Giant Headache

Giants, that's it. I am done with you (of course I'm not, but it sounds good).

Another blown game, in the wake of Odell Beckham Jr. blowing a lot of hot air and the inability to maintain the intensity needed to protect a 16-point lead. Incredible, what a collapse.

Eli has been putting up good numbers and Saquon Barkley is a revelation, but the Giants need to go in a different direction, one that wins games, something they have not done since winning a Super Bowl eight years ago.

This in a year when the NFL is garbage, when the best team in the league wins a game in which it gives up 51 points.

In regulation.

Speaking of giving up points, did anyone watch the 7-overtime LSU-Texas A&M monstrosity? Because that's what it was.

When you play a game elongated to that length, someone is likely to get hurt. All this at a time when the game says it is dedicated to preventing injuries. I'm sorry, but someone gets hurt in a 7-overtime, 74-72  decision.

There is nothing wrong with a tie. If you play 60 minutes and are all tied up, that is just fine. Shake hands and go home.

The NFL does after an additional period if the teams are still all tied up (hear that, Donovan McNabb?).

And I am sick of the way DBs play pass defense. No one plays the ball anymore. They just follow their man and hope they can anticipate when the ball is coming in so they can stick a hand in and deflect it away. Usually, guys who do that get beat on the play or surrender a pass interference penalty.

It's sickening.

And the worst part is they are being coached to play defense like that. And when they get lucky enough to stick a hand in and luckily poke a ball away, the announcers call it a great play. I call that not-so-great announcing and analysis.

Now, back to my original point. The NY Giants cannot protect their lunches, let alone their leads in a game. Time for a different direction. When you are worse than the Cleveland Browns, you have a problem.

A very big problem.

Did I mention it's sickening?

Saturday, November 17, 2018

What In Heck Is Going On?

Watching college football is so much more fun and exciting than pro football.

They run wide-open offenses, take gambles, have fun. Sorta' like how the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, right?

Some odd stuff this weekend though.

Alabama was 10-10 at the half with The Citadel. The Citadel - 10-10 - at the half!

Central Florida is showing why it should be a Final Four team in the FBS. But they won't be, because the "committee" knows UCF (nee Central Florida) won't generate television ratings nor attendance like the Alabamas and Clemsons of the world do. Speaking of which, why are they even playing the other games when everyone knows Alabama and Clemson will play for the national title for the third time in four years and meet in the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

Meanwhile, what in heck is going on in the Big Ten? Ohio State should've lost to Maryland and likely would've if Maryland had its regular quarterback healthy. Ohio State gave up 51 points - and won. Their defense couldn't stop my former intramural team.

Michigan totally mismanaged the final moments of the first half against Indiana and trailed 17-15 at intermission before reading the TV script and hearing Jim Harbaugh's halftime scolding and rallying to win.

No matter - the Ohio State-Michigan winner will face Northwestern - yeah, Northwestern - in the Big Ten title game. Amazing. If Northwestern wins, it would become the second consecutive Big Ten champion (Penn State) to not play in the Final Four of the FBS championship playoff.

No love for the Big Ten - if you're name isn't Urban Meyer and you don't coach Ohio State, the FBS selection committee doesn't like you (OK, an aberration, Michigan State, which got embarrassed though when it got the chance).

So here's a vote for Central Florida - uh, UCF - as if changing its name makes a difference to the committee. So what if you beat Auburn in your bowl game last year?  To be in that bowl game, Auburb had to lose its last preceding game - UCF had to win its preceding game.

Game. Set. Match, Case closed. So is the door, on UCF.