Friday, December 23, 2016

Rubio was right

Marco Rubio, "Little Marco," was right. Donald Trump is a con man. We elected a con man.

He did just settle his Trump U lawsuit for $25 million. Said he didn't have time to defend it and win. He's also said he never settles lawsuits. Strike one.

Now, he's dispatching surrogates to explain every misnomer he recites. His Press Secretary-to-be, Sean Spicer, and advisor to be, Kellyann Conway, especially, have had to hit the media trail every time Trump tweets from the hip.

Like his just posted nuclear declarations. Spicer and Conway are out there explaining, 'no,' he didn't mean he was going to blow up the world or get in an arms race. Yet, those were his exact words.

He has already castigated his own intelligence community with his dismissals of their findings on Russian influence on the election. Strike two.

Hello President Con Man. Congratulations U.S.A. You who voted for him got what you voted for.

Nuclear proliferation? Strike three?

Monday, December 12, 2016

Cowboys can be beat - just gotta' stay ahead of 'em

Dez does not do Dallas. Giants actually hung on. Eli played terribly and the Giants can't run the ball. But their defense is good and they showed the league how to beat Dallas - get pressure on Prescott. Under pressure, he is inaccurate.  Cowboys are No. 1 against the run because they're usually ahead so everyone has to throw against them. Not last night, although I question Giants' playcalling. With 2:07 left and Dallas out of timeouts, shoulda' gone play-action pass with 2-minute warning coming up anyway. Probably woulda' had a wide-open receiver with Dallas stacked up to stop the run.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Frustrated, stupid people

What am I missing?

Why is Jim Comey still in office at the FBI? What an idiot. Jim, you don't release that you're investigating a candidate during the race.

Your career is over.

Why are there stupid people in football?

No defense can stop an offense. No defensive backs can guard a wide receiver. One on one is considered a favorable matchup. Really?

A good athlete can't guard another good athlete? I'll tell you why - they never play the ball, just the man, and then get beat.

Defensive coaches are teaching this technique? Really.

Stupid. Just plain stupid.

Defensive coordinators are stupid. They prove it every Sunday. And Thursday and Monday for that matter.

And I like MSNBC's coverage of politics. But where's Katy Tur? She's still listed on her bio as an NBC correspondent, but she's been invisible on MSNBC lately. Is she sick? Suspended? Has she infiltrated Trump's camp undercover?

Can't wait to see the evidence in the Huma Abedin emails. Or ... not -- considering most of them are Anthony Weiner sexts. Yikes.

Trump as president is stupider than ... Richard Nixon as president.

Maybe this investigation of Huma Abedin will bring out the nasty best in Hillary. She needs it.

And defensive coaches, you're stupid.

And Bernie Sanders is right about Hillary: no one cares about her damn emails. The United States is no grave danger because of her emails. The United States is in no danger because of them period.

Shut up, Jim. Shut up, Donald. Get back to the campaign. And Comey, go home.

And defensive coaches, smarten up.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Depressing, Boring, and Electable?

It's getting depressing.

Trump lies. Fabricates. The media doesn't challenge vigorously enough. Lets him change the conversation, redirect the topic, not answer.

He'll do the same or try to during the debates. He'll grab numbers out of midair (58% unemployment among black youth - it's really 8%). He'll cheat at appearances. Told the woman who invited him to Flint that he didn't know he couldn't make a speech critical of Hillary Clinton when she embarrassed him and cut him off when he tried.

He came back later and told Fox News she was nervous, sweating, shaking, intimating what she did was a setup.

The media doesn't challenge.

Media, you are afraid of him, afraid to challenge and confront him.

Grow a pair and not only get after him but stay after him until he answers the questions to which he doesn't know the answers.

Before he becomes president. Protect us from him now. Later will be too late.

Even NBC's Katy Tur, who's tough and gritty, admitted the media can't pin him down. Well, you better start. That's your job.

Friday, September 9, 2016

I Can't Take Trump Anymore

I've listened to enough.

Mark Cuban, just this morning, said he'd take all of his assets, put them in a hedge fund and protect himself from the stock-market crash he anticipates if Donald Trump wins the election.

Cuban would do it the next day, Nov. 9, that is.

Cuban may be a lot of things that a lot of people don't like. Stupid is not one of them.

Stupid is a lot of what Trump says. Praise for a virtual dictator in Vladimir Putin. Praising Saddam Hussein as a killer of terrorists.

Trump will jeopardize the future of this nation. His shocking lack of knowledge about foreign affairs is to the point of inviting terrorists in and inviting young Americans to join ISIS. He's their best recruiter.

I can't believe Americans are falling for this. Marco Rubio called him a con man. So did everyone who's suing him over Trump U (a suit he will settle rather than lose - just watch).

He won't release his income tax returns. He knows it would cost him the election because of the links it would reveal, the business practices he adheres to, his actual worth, the amount he actually paid in taxes and the rate at which he paid them.

It's not illegal or a violation of any regulation that income tax returns, even under audit, can be released. But he won't. He knows why. We know why.

He says he can "read" the body language of intelligence officers who brief him and how they are disgusted over the president's reaction to their recommendations.

Donald, can you read my language here, loud and clear?

You are not presidential material. If you take office, you're going to start barking orders to wipe out ISIS the next morning. Good luck with that. You'll eventually put hundreds of thousands of American lives at stake on the ground in Iraq and Syria and even more at risk here at home when ISIS unleashes every terrorist attack it possibly can, everywhere it can. Lone wolves will strike everywhere.

Because you inspired them.

Donald, do you even know the names of the generals you say are reduced to rubble? Do you? And we already know you won't listen to your advisers. You listen to your gut. Your gut is going to cost a lot of American lives.

I've posted a lot of material about you, opposing you, mocking you. I'm done now. I'll let Hillary do that, along with her surrogates.

You say outlandish things. America says OK.

Women don't though. The educated ones don't. Minorities don't. I really think educated women who have traditionally voted Republican will come out and vote against you, will see the damage you have wrought and realize the danger you represent. They may very well just decide this election.

Your policies are that you'll have one later. You hate and disrespect Barack Obama. You prefer Vladimir Putin.

You've got to be kidding.

No, wait, you're not.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Clinton knows best; Trump knows less than nothing

If anything, the Commander-in-Chief Forum on NBC revealed Trump's ongoing lack of knowledge about anything.

He continues to flip-flop, waver, be wishy-washy and unknowledgeable about the very basics of American government, foreign policy, domestic programs, national defense and terrorism.

He has a plan. His plan is to have a plan later. He insulted our military. He announced he would illegally seize a foreign country's assets (oil), leaving a force behind to secure it that would be sitting ducks for every terror cell around the world.

Our generals have been "reduced to rubble." No Donald, your knowledge of basics is rubble.

Hey media, do your jobs. Make Trump answer about his uninformed ideas. He loves Putin.

Speaks for itself.

Friday, September 2, 2016

I hope...

I hope all the underdogs win the college football games this weekend (Appalachian State almost already did).

I hope Penn State puts the Sandusky thing behind them once and for all. C'mon Lions, let it go.

I hope no one gets shot this weekend. Enough.

I hope our enrollment holds at Columbia into the spring.

I hope Hillary wins, because if Donald does, God help us.

I hope my brother and sister-in-law finally sell their house. Please. Looks promising.

I hope my game is competitive tonight. My 41-15 game last week was not as close as the score would indicate.

I hope Baylor has learned its lesson.

I hope the NY Giants get it in gear this season.

I hope local boy Jimmy G plays great for Brady. He deserves the positivity. Is that a word? By the way, Brady's still with Gisele for a reason: she's still the highest-paid model in the world and he's not the highest-paid quarterback. He's just the one with the most rings.

I hope Kristine Leahy finally calls me. What's taking so long, Kristine?

I hope Colin Kaepernick figures it out. His message is fine. His methodology is not.

I hope the Cubs don't have a Cubbie occurrence this year. But they will.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone.