Monday, February 6, 2017

Love Is In The Air... it's not.

Trump's a hater. Trump hates everyone who disagrees with him.

Haters everywhere.

Patriot haters, and we don't mean American spiritualists coast to coast.

Hello, Kyle Shanahan, speaking of haters, or hated. After Julio Jones' amazing catch, you should've:

  • Run up the middle
  • Run up the middle
  • Run up the middle
  • Kick field goal;
  • Win game.
What did you do? Ran outside, lost yardage. Passed, sack. Passed again, holding penalty. Punted. Field goal would've put the game away.

Now, as a reward you get to be head coach of the 49ers. Congratulations.

Dan Quinn, you are the head coach. Why didn't you overrule on the calls that would've produced the field goal that would've won the game? What are you thinking? How many times do you have to go up against Belichick to figure out how to beat him? Did you call Tom Coughlin for advice? You should've.

Trump and Mark Wahlberg stopped watching the game, They so thought it was over. Wahlberg is Mr. Boston,

Lady Gaga was great. None of the ads were great. Just good. Not great. Whatever happened to all the great creative we'd see during the Super Bowl?

Long gone.

Bob Kraft got his revenge. Tom Brady got his revenge. Gisele Bundchen didn't have to complain about Tom throwing the passes and having to catch them too, despite all the drops.

And the pick. Although when Robert Alford got arrogant at the end of his return for a pick TD, I kinda' thought it would come back to haunt him. Unsportsmanlike and stupid, the kind of thing that opponents never forget. Like Bautista's bat flip or Dwayne Wade's arrogant made-shot celebration in front of the Dallas bench in the NBA Finals in a game the Heat would eventually lose and cost LeBron his title.

Roger Goodell has been lowered to Gary Bettman status. Congratulations. Thank Kyle Shanahan. No, you already did - got him the 49ers job.

Congratulations, Patriots. You wouldn't have beaten the Giants though. Still haven't. In the Super Bowl, that is.


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