Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Frustrated, stupid people

What am I missing?

Why is Jim Comey still in office at the FBI? What an idiot. Jim, you don't release that you're investigating a candidate during the race.

Your career is over.

Why are there stupid people in football?

No defense can stop an offense. No defensive backs can guard a wide receiver. One on one is considered a favorable matchup. Really?

A good athlete can't guard another good athlete? I'll tell you why - they never play the ball, just the man, and then get beat.

Defensive coaches are teaching this technique? Really.

Stupid. Just plain stupid.

Defensive coordinators are stupid. They prove it every Sunday. And Thursday and Monday for that matter.

And I like MSNBC's coverage of politics. But where's Katy Tur? She's still listed on her bio as an NBC correspondent, but she's been invisible on MSNBC lately. Is she sick? Suspended? Has she infiltrated Trump's camp undercover?

Can't wait to see the evidence in the Huma Abedin emails. Or ... not -- considering most of them are Anthony Weiner sexts. Yikes.

Trump as president is stupider than ... Richard Nixon as president.

Maybe this investigation of Huma Abedin will bring out the nasty best in Hillary. She needs it.

And defensive coaches, you're stupid.

And Bernie Sanders is right about Hillary: no one cares about her damn emails. The United States is no grave danger because of her emails. The United States is in no danger because of them period.

Shut up, Jim. Shut up, Donald. Get back to the campaign. And Comey, go home.

And defensive coaches, smarten up.